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Main Treatments

Depending on your current state of health, you will need one of the following treatments, or a combination of them.



Preventive treatment involves taking a full medical history & undergoing specific tests that allow me to identify potential health problems BEFORE you fall ill.

You need preventive treatment in order to enjoy optimal health for as long as possible. Ideally, prevention should start with the day we’re born but unfortunately we’re not taught prevention strategies and we fail to notice subtle symptoms such as increasing fatigue or constantly low energy, a lack of zest for life, recurrent infections, frequent colds & flu – symptoms that should warn you that things are not alright.

Preventive medicine takes into account the whole individual and the total influences—biological, social, psychological, environmental—that affect health, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation, relationships, work satisfaction. Strategies used in preventive medicine include individualised therapeutics, lifestyle modification, genetic testing & patient education.



Bioregulatory Medicine is a multi-dimensional approach to health care that targets the root causes of disease, not just the symptoms. As the word “bioregulatory” implies, this type of medicine makes use of various natural therapeutics to regulate key biological processes in times of illness and support the body in its effort to return to balance and good health.

Why should you opt for this type of treatment instead of conventional therapies?
Because conventional therapies never address the true cause of disease, thus allowing the illness to progress unabated to a stage where it becomes a “labelled disease”. In contrast, bio-regulatory medicine stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself once the factors that create disease are corrected. These factors can be nutritional deficiencies or excesses, malabsorption, immune dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, intestinal dysbiosis, underlying infections, underfunctioning liver, chronic inflammation, toxin accumulation, incorrect pH & dysregulation of the biological terrain (the body’s signalling system).


Accelerated ageing is mainly caused by oxidative stress that results from free radical damage but various other factors play a role: thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar imbalances, high toxic load, chronic systemic inflammation that keeps the body on high alert and contributes to faster neurological degeneration resulting in memory loss, lack of mental sharpness, sleep problems, mood issues etc.

If your antioxidant defence mechanism is overwhelmed or if your methylation capacity is limited (due to a genetic mutation in the MTHFR gene for example), this may result in oxidative stress: an overproduction of free radicals due to an inability to neutralise and eliminate them, leading to impaired cellular physiology and accelerated ageing.

A comprehensive anti-ageing therapy will address all of the factors described above and leave you feeling energised & revitalised.

Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

Personalised Nutrition for Optimal Health

 98% of all chronic diseases prevalent today – heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, cancer – are preventable through dietary and lifestyle interventions.

Personalised nutrition is an important aspect of Preventive Medicine.

Instead of fanatically following the latest diet fad or supplementing at random with nutrients that are “good for you”, Personalised Nutrition focuses on your unique dietary needs as revealed by your lab test results.

Natural Medicine Therapies


detox-kitOne of our core treatments, detoxification is designed to fully support the body while gently stimulating the elimination of unwanted toxins. As with weightloss, you need to be healthy to detoxify therefore we must make sure your “health numbers” (most importantly, thyroid function) are optimised before you attempt a detox.


heart shape of various fresh berriesThis might sound like a fad but it is one of the best therapeutic measures you can take to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and most chronic illness. A pre-requisite for glowing skin, it is part of all anti-ageing &  rejuvenation treatments.


weightlossCaloric restriction does not work for losing weight. Our therapy for weightloss corrects the factors (dietary or lifestyle) that caused you to put weight on in the first place and these are different for everyone:hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, intestinal dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies, etc.

Genetic Testing for Optimal Health

genetic-testingGenetic testing can be used to fine-tune your therapeutic intervention & create a personalised health programme with specific dietary, exercise & lifestyle advice based on your unique genetic profile. We currently use the 45 Gene Test  designed by the Canadian company NUTRIGENOMIX.

Meet The Therapist



I am a certified nutritional therapist & homotoxicologist, having trained with the late, great Prof (Dr med rtd) M.F. KIRKMAN in Homotoxicology and Bio-regulatory Medicine in London & graduated in 2007 with Honours. Bio-regulatory Medicine bridges the gap between conventional & alternative medicine, incorporating the best from both. My main therapeutic modality is nutritional therapy which I studied as part of a Nutritional Medicine programme at Thames Valley University, London (2004-2007).


Consultation Info, Lab Tests & Prices

1hour Nutritional Consultation

Your Nutritional Consultation can take place either in person or on SKYPE.

During the consultation, I will take a full medical history that will reveal your unique nutritional needs and disease vulnerability. A full medical history includes all key medical events that you experienced since birth, your family history of disease, and past & present diet. By looking at the progression of your health over time, it becomes possible to detect clinical patterns and clusters of symptoms that are indicative of metabolic imbalances or nutrient deficiencies.

Price: EUR 99.00

Follow-up Nutritional Consultations (30min)

It is important to schedule a Follow-up  Nutritional Consultation as we won’t be able to address everything with the first prescription.

During the follow-up, I will review your progress on the current prescription and recommend other dietary changes, supplements that are appropriate for the next stage of your health programme. Most health issues are complex and cannot be solved with a “magic bullet” approach. Also the body needs time to make the necessary adjustments and to heal.

Your initial prescription will include the minimum amount of therapeutic measures that are meant to trigger healing. It will also focus on key areas such as improving digestive function or correcting nutritional deficiencies. Subsequent prescriptions will be more specific or target key organs, systems or body functions.

Every case should be reviewed at 6 weeks initially and at 2-3 months after that.

Price: EUR 49.00

Your Personal Plan of Care

Your Personal Plan of Care delineates the reasons why you became ill and explains in detail the therapeutic measures you need to take to get well. It includes a naturopathic interpretation of your symptoms pointing to their underlying causes as well as the latest medical research findings about your particular health concerns.

Although I will give you many insights during the consultation and help you make certain connections between your lifestyle/dietary behaviour and your health history, time is very limited and I won’t be able to convey all the information you need to know.

It has been found that people find it easier to comply with dietary and supplement programmes when they come to understand how particular dietary/lifestyle changes or specific nutrients improve their health.

Price: EUR 59.00

ONE - Optimum Nutrition Evaluation

ONE is an easy first-morning urine test that helps to give an understanding of your individual diet and supplementation needs, and offers a personalised functional nutrition assessment covering Antioxidants, B Vitamins and Minerals; malabsorption & dysbiosis; cellular energy & mitochondrial metabolism; neurotransmitter metabolism; vitamin deficiencies; and toxin exposure & detoxification need; amino acid profile; oxidative stress and antioxidant reserve capacity.

genova-diagnostics-logoClinicians commonly use such nutritional testing to determine the nutritional deficiencies that are at the root of chronic conditions.

Price: GBP 340.00 (to be purchased directly from Genova Diagnostics). The interpretation fee is included in the price.

Genetic Testing for Optimum Health

The 45 Gene Test designed by the Canadian company NUTRIGENOMIX analyses 45 genetic markers that are crucial for Nutrient Metabolism (you will find out your individual dietary needs for Vitamin A, B12, C, D, E , Folate, Iron and Calcium), Cardio-Metabolic Health (you will find out how caffeine, sodium, omega-3 fat, saturated fat affect your heart health), Weight Management (you will find out the ideal ratio of macronutrients that supports your weight loss), Food Intolerances (you will find out if you have the genes responsible for gluten and lactose intolerance), Eating HabitsPhysical Activity and Injury Risk.

This test can be used to fine-tune your therapeutic intervention with specific dietary, exercise & lifestyle advice based on your unique genetic profile.

EUR 249.00


Comprehensive Lab Tests

Genova Diagnostics has an array of 120 comprehensive and innovative clinical laboratory tests for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex chronic disease.

Prices vary depending on the test and the number of markers involved.

Based on your medical history, I will recommend specific tests for you at the initial consultation and order the kits to be sent to your home. Some of the most frequently used tests would be:

Cardio Profile (used to assess cardiovascular disease risk)

CardioGenomic Plus™ Profile (used to assess genetic susceptibility to heart disease)

Food Sensitivity Test

Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity Test

Hormone Profile Test (a salivary hormone test for evaluating key hormone levels over a single day. Used for Mood instability, Anxiety, Fatigue, Poor Cognitive Performance, Weight gain, Low sex drive and performance issues, Sleep disturbances, Altered fat metabolism, Altered blood-sugar control, Vaginal atrophy, Hair Loss)

Complete Hormones Test (the most comprehensive urinary hormone test for investigating the underlying reasons behind Weight gain, Anxiety, Fatigue, Low sex drive and performance issues, Sleep disturbances, Mood instability, Brain fog)

Bone Resorption Assessment (Osteoporosis)

Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment

Detoxification Capacity Test

Fatty Acids Analysis

Intestinal Permeability Assessment

Dysbiosis Test

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) Test

Nutrient and Toxic Metals Test

Toxic Metals Test

Toxic Load Test

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status Test

Vitamin D Test

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