In 480 BC, Hippocrates had the intuition that “positive health requires knowledge of man’s primary constitution”. In other words,  a one-size-fits all approach does not lead to optimal health.

When it comes to knowledge, medical science has made great strides nowadays with its advances in genetic research and DNA testing which makes possible to determine an individual’s specific response to various foods. With a simple saliva test you can find out what foods you can thrive on and what foods you should stay away from.

There are many paradoxes when it comes to food intake. Take coffee, for instance. If your genetic make-up displays a genetic marker such as GA+AA, this will  affect how your body breaks down caffeine, increasing your chances of heart disease. If you don’t have this marker, coffee can actually be protective.

It is now common knowledge that small variations in certain genes can have a significant impact on how our body responds to the foods and nutrients we consume. If you’re really interested in your health, there is no doubt that a personalised dietary programme based on your DNA is more valuable than general “healthy” recommendations.

There are several DNA Testing Kits on the market right now but not all of them are 100% reliable. One that is endorsed by  well-known nutritionists (such as Dr Marilyn Glenville in UK) is Nutrigenomix – a safe, easy-to-use kit that enables your nutritionist to develop a dietary plan that is tailored to your unique genetic profile.


NUTRIGENOMIX is hailed by medical experts as a revolutionary new advancement in nutrition which involves eating based on your genetics.