Medicine as a reflection of our conception of the world

In every age of human history, medicine has reflected the conceptions of the world that was current at the time. As a result, it has assumed in turn a mythical, spiritual-scientific, philosophical, and scientific cast. Anchored in the respective “scientific” world views of the times, dogmas arose that in retrospect proved to be the main hindrance to progress.

In contemporary parlance, conventional or allopathic medicine seeks to influence and sometimes suppress the body’s biochemistry with synthetic, often toxic substances in order to block or transform the processes that sustain illness, which is often reflected in the patient suddenly feeling better, but with the risk of side effects/iatrogenic states.

On the other hand, biological or naturopathic medicine attempts to influence the body obliquely using medicinal stimulants, so that the body’s own regulatory process are put into a position where they can restore the disruptive function back to normal, with minimal side effects, and hence induce healing and health.

While the former and its conventional pharmacotherapy is subject to two fundamental errors (firstly: it works only in gram, milligram, and microgram doses, however matter is present even beyond the Loschmidt number (10-23), the electron (e-), with a resting mass of 10-27, being one example; and secondly: effects on biosystems are not restricted to material influences, since energy processes, e.g. electromagnetic micro waves, solar and other radiation, interaction quanta, can have far-reaching effects), the latter is more in line with Pauli exclusion principle, Einstein’s equation (e=mc2 ), systems analysis and chaos theory, from which grew a conception of the world more suited to understanding the interconnected processes of biological systems.

And this is how Dr Hans-Heinrich RECKEWEG MD (1905-1985) viewed medicine. Reckeweg was a German physician, qualified homoeopath and naturopath who developed an integrated bio-medical science and therapeutic system called Homotoxicology.



Dr Reckeweg developed homotoxicology as an integrative view of medicine. Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of homotoxins (homo = human being, toxin = poison) on the human organism. Disease is seen as the organism’s purposeful biological reaction to homotoxins and its ongoing attempt to eliminate them. Homotoxicology focuses not on symptoms of illness but on its root cause, namely, the toxins that are disrupting the organism’s normal functioning. As such, “toxins” acquire a wider definition: stress, negative emotions and distressing psychological factors can be regarded as toxins.

‘Health is harmony, dis-ease is discord’ – Aristotle

The disease-causing toxins can be classified into:

a) Biological – Prions, Viruses, Mycoplasma, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites – Physiology – feedback loops – homeostasis – Pathogenesis – degeneration, neoplastic, miasmic, auto-immune, ageing

b) Bio-Physics – Radiations, ultra/infra-sound – Open Energy Systems, Chaos – Cybernetic Flow

c) Bio-Chemistry – Molecular – Metabolic – Enzyme

d) Environment – Toxins – Air, Land, Water – Endocrine Disruptors – Geo-pathic, EMF, Climatic reaction

e) Psychological – Stress, work, domestic, techno – Emotion – Life-style

f) Universal Immune Compromisation Syndrome (Kirkman) – Pollution – land, sea, air – Soil Depletion – Food Depletion – Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune function depression

g) Re-Balance- Energy (Chakras, Meridians) and Organ function: through Structural and Functional enhancement – Immune System Stimulation and Modulation – Nutritional Regulation – Nutrients/Probiotics – Toxin Elimination – Liver/Kidneys stimulated – ECM purified – Toxin avoidance – Lifestyle enhancement (metaphysics/ethology) – modification

Due to its focus on solving the root cause of illness, homotoxicology could be seen as synonymous with Functional Medicine.

In Prof. Kirkman’s words,  “Homotoxicology is all about present-day Bio-Physics, Nano-Pharmacology, Immuno-Pathology and Biological Molecular Activity within a scenario of a holistic scientifically rational Integrated Bio-Regulatory System of Healing (utilising homoeopathically prepared therapeutics) in accord with the classical diagnostics of the Patho-Physiological Nature of Disease, Bio-Individuality Factors and Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Thymic-Immunology considerations”.

This type of therapy can be integrated seamlessly into our present scientific conception of the world. It is better than linear pharmacological therapy at doing justice to the complex interactions within bio-systems as it tries to address the causal as opposed to the resultant imbalances.

In essence, bioregulatory medicine is guided by the following tenets:

1) We are all different biochemically – genetic polymorphism

2) Nutritional status, lifestyle and environmental factors (toxins, stress etc) can influence the Expression of Genetic Characteristics and hence determine health patterns.

Researchers at the University of California have described the role of nutrition in gene expression, stating that significant biochemical diversity occurs in such physiological functions as the ability of the individual to DETOXIFY both exogenous and endogenous substances (homotoxins), the control of blood cholesterol, the metabolism of the potentially harmful amino-acid homocysteine and the response of certain cancer genes to the diet and environment.

Other bio-individuality factors are: variations in anatomy, body composition, enzyme patterns, endocrine activities – especially thymus, excretion patterns, pharmaceutical / body interactions, basal metabolism, bacterial flora, nutrient absorption and utilisation, lifestyle tolerances.

Concerning its therapeutic modality, homotoxicology is basically a nano-pharmaceutical, rather than homoeopathic system of medicine.

Homeopathy works with various dilutions, some containing the diluted substance and some not. In the lower and middle potencies up to 12X, stimulation and substitution may be the primary effects. Most elements occur in biosystems in concentrations of 10-2 to 10-12, while hormone precursors occur in concentrations of 10-15 or lower. In potencies of 30X or higher, we are dealing with the effects of mass-free particles (photons, neutrinos, gravitions, gluons, strings), and the principles of information and induction move into the foreground.

The dilution process known as dynamisation plays a decisive role here. The information transmitted to the carrier substance through repeated contact with the active substance can be passed on even when the active substance is no longer statistically present.

Cluster research and the memory of water

Only with the advent of cluster research has it become possible to understand the workings of carrier substances containing no trace of the active substance. Clusters, also known as nanoclusters or quantum dots, represent molecular patterns. Water molecules, for example, can form monomeric to septameric clusters that surround dissolved particles of the active substance like cages. The stability of these tetragons, pentagons, hexagons, and septagons is symmetry-dependent. In solutions, water molecules tend to form pentagons and hexagons, with pentagons predominating 8:1. So-called magic numbers, which demonstrate especially stable formations, may be the basis of water’s “memory” in solutions. The cyclic water pentamer seems to be the fundamental structure in the hydration of biomolecules.

Going back to the root cause, homotoxicology has put forward a logical model for the development of disease: disease arises in the human body through the effects of ‘homotoxins’ – substances toxic to humans – on the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), a key concept in Homotoxicology.

“Our mode of life itself, the way we live, is emerging as today’s principal cause of illness.”

Dr Joel Elkes, Director of Behavioural Medicine, Harvard

Dr Reckeweg interpreted disease states of all types as the expression that the body is combating toxins – often in nano-quantities or subtle bio-energetic interferences – and that the body seeks to self-heal by bioregulatory neutralisation, leading to the excretion of those toxins (DETOXIFICATION).


Based on this model of disease, Dr Reckeweg created the six-phase classification of disease processes which forms the scientific conceptual basis of antihomotoxic medication. Within this classification, morphological, and temporal factors flow together. The time factor means that the fourth dimension of physics is included. The inspired idea of the “biological division” is unique in medicine in that it delineates the boundary beyond which the organism’s ability to help itself is exhausted and (non-damaging) help becomes necessary.

Homotoxicology takes into account Haeckel’s fundamental law of biogenetics and Arndt – Schulz’s fundamental law of biology (stimulus rule). The latter demonstrates the relativity of the law of dosage and effect. The effect of a stimulus varies according to dosage, with a quantifiable relationship between the amount of stimulus and the quality of the response postulated. Accordingly, one and the same stimulus (e.g. the same medication) can have a stimulating, promoting, inhibiting, or blocking effect if administered in different amounts.

Powerful scientific evidence has recently confirmed research i.e. Immune Bystander Reaction publication (Prof H Heine, Germany) and very many established centre trials (ref – Herzberger) indicate the validity of the Reckeweg System – a system promulgated by Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in 1952 – a system which has developed and ‘stood the test of time’ since his formulation of the theory.

Homotoxicology (according to Dr H-H Reckeweg) has developed into a unique bio-medical intellectual synthesis between the concepts of molecular biology (medicine), bio-chemistry, biophysics, cybernetic living, dynamic flow systems, toxicology and modern-day patho-physiology, including immune system structure and function, resulting in non-toxic bio-regulatory therapy, within Integrated, Holistic parameters of health and healing.

Developments in the cybernetics and thermodynamics of open systems indicate that biological systems do NOT show linearity, but appear as highly integrated systems that are subject to a biological and energetic vital flow equilibrium (von Bertalanffy 1952) and they exchange energy and material with their surroundings as open systems. Gisela D, again: – “In contrast to the classical, closed systems (mechanical, Newtonian), open systems show that when there is an influx of non-chaotic energy, this can spread suddenly through the entire system. The essential points in this are the transmission and dissemination of information.”

Homotoxicology also provides a basis for developing and administering specialised combination nano-pharmaceutical medications or ‘anti-homotoxicals’. The International Society of Homotoxicology, Baden-Baden, founded in 1961, serves as the umbrella organisation for all scientific, research, education and outreach activities related to Homotoxicolgy.

Heel, the German company that manufactures today’s modern homepathic medicines, aims to open up new horizons in medicine. Efficacy studies comparing homeopathic remedies with allopathic drugs are being performed regularly. Heel’s homeopathic combination preparations are tailored to the natural laws of homotoxicology. These remedies characteristically exert an effect in three areas, the sum of these effects representing the therapeutic efficacy. They have:

1. A matrix-detoxifying potential (“elimination of homotoxins”)

2. An organ-strengthening potential

3. An Immunomodulating potential

A large proportion of “diseases of civilisation” are chronic inflammatory processes. They are usually the result of a disturbance of immune-system regulation. Regulation is chiefly effected by the cells of the immune system itself – via the release of numerous mediators or cytokines. A complex network with feedback provided by cytokine signals at various cellular levels is available for regulation.

Antihomotoxic preparations often give particularly good therapeutic results in chronic inflammatory disease. The natural supposition, therefore, was that the products work by correcting imbalances in the cytokine network.


Homotoxicology is an integrated holistic bio-regulatory system of medicine as initiated and established by Dr H-H Reckeweg (1905-1985, doctor, homoeopath, naturopath). Homotoxicology is based on modern-day bio-medical sciences in terms of diagnosis and therapy, utilising progressive homoeopathy in the form of anti-homotoxic remedies.

Such therapeutics are basically nanapharmacological preparations of single, complex, combination, serial potency, and allopathic adjusted substances, with immuno and anti-oxidant nutrient and probiotic supplementation, as part of adjuvant holistic care, as equally life-style modification, stress control and toxin avoidance.

Homotoxicology represents a unique intellectual synthesis of healing disciplines, seeking to strengthen the organs of excretion (liver, kidney, lymphatics), to remove the toxins accumulated in the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) (excretion), to stimulate and modulate the immune system, and to regulate the whole by rebalancing the ‘diseased’ body system, and to regulate the whole by rebalancing the ‘diseased’ body system.

Powerful scientific evidences has recently confirmed researches i.e. Immune Bystander Reaction publication (Prof H Heine, Germany) and very many varied established centre trials (ref – Herzberger) indicate the validity of the Reckeweg System – a system promulgated by Dr HansHeinrich Reckeweg in 1952 – a system which has developed and ‘stood the test of time’ since he formulated it.